Project Seequre

About us 


Our passion

Safe Video Communication or Seequre as we lovingly call it, exists because we believe companies should control the information they produce and the way that communication works. Seequre has seen that video and chat has become widely used and has become a game-changer for people and businesses.. We wanted to have our own easy to manage communication platform with the possibilities for large scale deployment, but the way video communication has been sold and rolled has all been about taking the customer’s data and locking it to a system in the cloud. There are many companies that have servers which can be used for this goal. We wanted to give those companies the possibilities to be their own service providers and also give them the option to be theirs with this in mind

A better way

For 10 year we believed that there there should be a better way for video communication the Skype/Lync or Cisco video system. And that’s why we’ve created Seequre.
We have taken a bit of proven ideas and new views and made a communication system that takes back the possibilities that sensitive data can be intercepted, hacked, misused and made a distributed system that is more Seequre.


To Cloud or not to cloud

We are not a regular cloud service provider, we are an hybrid cloud service provider where the many becomes the one. We are a provider of Video as a Service. What this means is that you can get safe video services on your already safe infrastructure and connect to an open cloud based environment.
With a premium account with us you will use our worldwide turnservers that til optimize your video quality.
We want to do this to enable SMB companies and companies from  emerging markets a chance to use a service at a reasonable price.