Asamedic AS

▪Every year 3,5 million people suffer heart attack in the western world1)

More than 30% of these dies2) : in other words, 2.875 persons dies every day!

▪Heart attacks gives yields an enormous societal cost

▪Heart attack has a society cost of 281.000 US dollar per incident3)

Every treatment that reduces the effects of a heart attack will have huge economic impact for

Asamedic is proposing the earliest possible use of aspirin in the face of probable ischaemic chest pain.

The on-site use of aspirin by the public in the hours to minutes of insidious pain before medical attention in sought has the potential to thwart thrombus development, slow propagation, delay infarction, and reduce the incidence of sudden death outside hospital and may further improve the prospects for patients who reach hospital.

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