Seequre Video Chat running on a 2001 BMW 3 Series

Let’s make one thing clear, flexibility is necessary for any form of communication suite. Seequre is teststing out communication on the fly on an Android powered BMW 3 Series – E46 / M3 – Avant-2 Full Android Multimedia Navigation System.

To use this service, users will just have to login to the special car interface we are making and use the service as with any computer or mobile device with the  touchscreen display integrated into the dashboard, a solution that allows you to minimize distractions: appointments and contacts are all available through a simple touch, and connectivity should be ensured through the use of your smartphone (hotspot) or integrated mobile connection.

With the advent of cars to autonomous driving, the cars will therefore become more and more of the environments in which more and be productive, surpassing the current loss of time caused through traffic.

Seequre Video is a third party application that integrates with your email server, making sure all users are up to date instantly.

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